Cube SHuFfLe
Saturday 8th Sept 2018

The CUBE sHuFfLe has become an annual event and this year was it’s 5th. The idea is that when all the kids go back to school and the festival season is over, we host a FREE family community 1 day festival to celebrate and raise awareness of all the stuff that goes on at The Cube, including ‘What’s On’ and up and coming events.

This year we also hosted an evening gig. In August part of the Cube building caught fire during the early hours if the morning, due to an electrical fault. The back-stage kitchen and Green Room were completely destroyed. Local bands, Arcadia Roots and Skewwhiff stepped up and offered to play a fund-raising gig to help raise money towards the repair costs.

During the day the music was: Amoeba Teen, Dave Onions, The Nelson Brothers, Dead Dad’s Club, Julia Palmer-Price, The Hills Angels (& Chewie)Evening music was Carnival Records DJ (Chris Heard & Lee Farley), Acadia Roots and SkewwhiffWe had a huge selections of activities that took place during the day…Junk Car ChallengeMartin – Caricatures Judi Baker – Face PaintingAnna Michelle – Pottery/ArtSarah Wilks & Rachel Smith – Tie Dye T-shirtsRob Scott – Tai Kwando demoCatherine Harbron – kids craftMalvern BearsTransition Malvern Hills (Use Less Plastic)Malvern Car ShareNTC – (baby and toddlers group)

The event helped to raise over £1K which is essential to ensure the refurbishments and improvements will provides an event better space for the community.

We would really love to thank the following people for there help and support and donations:

Friday Beer (keg of beer)
Malvern Tourist Info (poster)
Abbey Rd Coffee Shop (free drinks)
The Cube Trustees (gifts)
Bahoo Shoe Shop (vouchers)
Tyler Massey (guitar lesson)
Wilkinsons (vouchers)

Jill Terry – venue staff
Sharon Hogan and cafe staff
Chris Heard & Lee Farley – Carnival Records
Dave Young – chef
Mark Hogan – Slap Magazine
Antony Bridge – artwork
Sue (Spawn) Thompson – artwork
Richard McGill – volunteer 
Bridget Jeffries – bar staff


Martin – caricatures 
Judi Baker – face painting
Anna Michelle – pottery art
Sarah Wilks & Rachel Smith – Tie Dye T-shirts
Rob – Tai Kwando demo
Catherine Harbron – kids craft
Malvern Bears
Transition Malvern Hills
Malvern Car Share


Arcadia Roots
The Nelson Brothers
Amoeba Teen
Dead Dad’s Club
Dave Onions
Julia Palmer-Price
The Hills Angels (& Chewie)