Malvern Cube Centre Manager

As Centre Manager, I aim to ensure a warm welcome to all members of our local community and to create a vibrant and purposeful space where everyone is included and valued.  At Malvern Cube we are passionate about operating sustainably and ethically.  I work with the Trustees of our charity to respond strategically to meet the needs of the local and wider population.



I’m Karen Humphries. My grown up children used the Cube when it was a youth club and we all now enjoy the Clubs and events that it hosts. I’m currently the Chair of the Trustees and I help to look after the garden and grounds.

Vice Chair

Carola has worked with central government departments, local authorities and voluntary and community organisations for over 25 years with particular expertise in services for children, young people and families.


I am Jill Terry.  I fought to save Malvern Cube and have been a Trustee for all of 7 years since we took over building (most of these as Chair).  I look after the youth provision which is a very important part of our mission for the Cube.


I have been a trustee and the treasurer since June 2014. I oversee the financial administration of the Cube and the financial element of our development plans.


I got involved at the Cube when I retired to Malvern about 5 years ago. I look after the fundraising we have to do to pay for development and large scale maintenance.


After 35 years away I returned to Malvern 5 years ago and as a trustee I am happy to be involved once again in the life of the Cube. My main interest is the development of the Cube as a performance space building on the work of our current resident companies.


I only got involved earlier this year following 5 years in Community Services at Malvern Hills District Council, mainly working on a local heritage project. I’m looking forward to working with everyone and helping to continue the great progress at the Cube.

Colin George

I am an Estate Manager and Architect who finally landed in the Malvern area relatively recently after a long held desire to relocate to the area. Formerly a Trustee of Pegasus Theatre in Oxford I am now helping the Trust to ensure The Cube remains as an on-going community resource and a home for a diverse range activities for the very long-term.


Youth Activities Coordinator


If you have some spare time, volunteering with us will have a meaningful and positive impact on the Malvern Cube and your input will be invaluable to help us with further development.

Everyone has something to offer and something to gain from volunteering and we will value your experience and expertise going forward. How can we help you to help us?

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