Classes, courses & events have all restarted at the Cube for 2018 !

Team Cube got back to work this week. Well actually we were working away on various improvements over the Christmas break, before we reopened to the public.

We have a great new door to the theatre, and have been making improvements to the theatre blackouts and curtains. We look forward to all the year brings for the building.

It’s great to have the classes and courses that take place here at the Cube restart. It’s one of our greatest pleasures to see the building used so widely by so many. As there are so many individual organisations, do contact your group leader for details on when they will be running their groups.

You’ll find lots of events happening over 2018. Northern Soul & Motown Nights start on Saturday the 27th of January. Paris Monster (you so have to google him!) comes to the Cube on the 3rd of February. A definite not to miss! The first of the years theatre productions is” The Dancing Club” by Caroline Jester, which is on Friday the 9th of March.

There will be many more events added as the weeks progress. Ones we know about already include a wood carving course and Dreadzone returning to the Cube. We are hosting Malverns “Blindfold Mile” and we have Woody Pines from the USA in concert too.

There’s far too much to tell you about here, so please check the details HERE.

From all of us to all all of you, we wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year and look forward to seeing you at classes, courses, events or even just to use our wonderful, now, in-house, Cafe!