In 2010 Worcestershire County Council moved to close the Malvern Youth Centre due to severe cutbacks in its funding. They proposed to sell the land on which the Centre sat for housing development. Such was the scale of opposition by a group of Malvern residents to the pending loss of their Youth Centre that a multi-skilled group, the Malvern Community Collective, was formed to combat the closure. The strength and persistence of the campaign was rewarded when in November 2011, the Collective was granted a 30 year lease at a peppercorn rent to run the Centre. The Malvern Youth & Community Trust was established in May 2012 and took over the running and refurbishment of the building, which has since been known as Malvern Cube, for the benefit of the whole community. The Trust became a registered charity and has continued to be an entirely independent organisation led by a voluntary Trustee body.


Our Mission is to ensure that Malvern Cube is an inclusive environment for the community and young people of Malvern, and that it champions activities that enhance the community experience.

We do this by:

Creating opportunities for people to come together and share a feeling of community
Facilitating a varied, exciting programme of activities, events and performances
Managing Malvern Cube to be an affordable, versatile and sustainable community space