15th November 2019

Shropshire Inclusive Dance Company.
Choreographed with Jo Fong (Royal Ballet)

Time: 2pm
Ticket Price: £7.00

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This is your chance to witness Contact Dance Company’s breath-taking new work ‘Being Seen’. An extraordinary ensemble of dancers with and without disabilities draw you in to an evocative world of movement where wildness lives within and without.

Contact Dance Company has built a strong reputation for its powerful and eloquent brand of contemporary inclusive dance, full of depth and connection. Choreographer Jo Fong has been wowing audiences with her refreshing, energetic and playful dance-making; the combination will be a feast for the senses.

Being Seen introduces us to the quiet power of dancers, yet with the wild and uncontrollable always there, just below the surface. Being Seen explores equality, difference and togetherness and offers a poignant commentary coming from the moment we are living in.

Jo has worked with seven of the company’s dancers to produce an immediate, intimate and playful dance. The cast of disabled and non-disabled dancers will leave you in no doubt that this is the perfect time to catch inclusive dance at its best.