How Mathematics Can Clean up Ocean Pollution – Dr Tom Crawford...

Tom Crawford is a tutor at St Hugh’s College, St Edmund Hall and St John’s College at the University of Oxford where he teaches maths to the first and second year undergraduates. He also runs his award-winning website and associated social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube @tomrocksmaths. Tom describes his research looking at where river water goes when it enters the ocean and how we can use this knowledge to help to fight ocean pollution.

How Mathematics Can Save the Whale – Professor Chris Budd –...

Gresham Professor of Geometry, Chris Budd OBE, is based at the University of Bath, where he is Professor of Applied Mathematics and Director of the Centre of Nonlinear Mechanics. He has a long history of engagement in the public understanding of science and mathematics through institutions such as the Royal Institution and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

Festival of Ideas – The Wishing Tree (story-telling) – 7th March...

FREE FAMILY EVENT Come and hear the story of the Wishing Tree and make your own wish to hang on the tree. Ages 5+
 There will be lots of opportunities to join in with the story, or just to sit and listen, whichever you prefer.