Albert Road North is closed for re-surfacing on Monday 24 April with no on-road parking from 7.30 am - 5.30 pm. Please use surrounding roads or Como Road car-park. For those with limited mobility, access to the Cube’s car-park may be possible during that period, but please exercise care and allow more time to get to the Cube.  
Give Us A Lift. Thanks to the efforts of all of our generous supporters, the ‘Give Us A Lift’ project commences on site on 16 January 2023. The first two weeks involve the creation of the lift pit, which will be noisy, dusty and dirty (especially during the first week). Access to the hall/theatre will be via the car-park...
Join certified sound therapist Soesen on a deeply therapeutic and relaxing sonic journey. Forgot the world for an hour whilst you enjoy being bathed in a sea of beautiful sounds using gongs, singing bowls, drum and voice.
Malvern Cube Sings!