As part of the inventive programming of FEAST two demanding shows were included in Saturday and Sunday evening ; ” All of Me ” and ” Homeland”

“All of Me ” a play about death and depression was much more then that, it moved with startling and energetic force exploring images from the classical world , myth and present day life . In short it was pretty miraculous, combining technical expertise with changing directions and images. The performance of Caroline Horton was outstanding . She lured us in and pushed us away , she was provoking and puzzling. I hope this was not ‘ all of her’, her perfomance was extraordinary  and offers the glimpse of an exciting performance future.

In a different way “Homeland ” was equally challenging to the audience. Again we were given a smooth technical show with an abundant and mesmerising use of Lip synching to adopt a chameleon range of characters. Jo Tyabji’s range  and physicality were breathtaking, the sudden appearance of David Cameron  at Wembley startling. The exploration of what seems a familiar culture moving in a new and concerning direction was always fascinating. ‘

  • John Birks