Youth Dance!

YOUTH DANCE Groups – To be named by the group

WEDNESDAYS  (starting after half term – 5. June 2019)

7.00 – 8.00 pm     14 – 18 year olds   

This class is open for any young people who love to dance; we are inclusive and embrace diversity – there is room for any ability, gender, body type, background, and every ones unique talents and super powers are celebrated. Learning contemporary dance technique and routines, improvisation and creative choreographic tasks, encouraging the dancers to take the lead in parts of the class, gaining trust in themselves, their bodies as well as in their peers. A healthy, confidence boosting, creative outlet with the side effect of improving coordination and concentration as well as balancing hormones!

All classes taught by Leila, dance artist (LABAN trained)

For enquiries please call 07577719280.

£ 5.- per class