Youth Dance!

YOUTH DANCE Groups – To be named by the group

WEDNESDAYS  (starting after half term – 5. June 2019)

6.00 – 7.00 pm     11 – 14 year olds   

The dance sequences get longer and more complex and the creative tasks more challenging. The stimuli shift to more abstract themes and images, yet the occasional prop still finds its way into the class. Further, we explore the different movement qualities in more depth and apply them to sequences we have learnt. The class often ends with a sharing of what we have been working on during the session, practising performance skills as well as appreciating dance and evaluating our own as well as others’ work through constructive feed back.

All classes taught by Leila, dance artist (LABAN trained)

For enquiries please call 07577719280.

£ 5.- per class