Onside Malvern Cube Time Bank

Time Bank – exchange of skills project run by the Onside Project.
How does Time Bank work?

One person offers their skillswhich could be: walking a dog, baking a cake or making a meal, cleaning a car or any other task which they can offer.  They can then ask for something in return from any other member who is offering what they need – help in the garden, putting up shelves etc.

As well as individual exchanges like this, groups of time bank members can get together to help out at a community event or spend an hours together painting a room or a fence.

It is also used as a thank you to those already volunteering.  They can bankthe hours they already do and ask for something back for other time bankers.


To get involved:

Onside, Williamson House, 14 Charles Street, Worcester, WR1 2AQ

Phone: 01905 27525

Mobile: 07917 066 327

email: caroline.screen@onside-advocacy.org.uk

Web: www.onside-advocacy.org.uk