It’s theatre all the way here at The Cube over the next few weeks, with a bit of pizza making and music thrown in! Tomorrow, Saturday the 27th we host a double bill, The Speech, and The Door. Both plays are fresh from the West End in London so we are delighted to be hosting them by virtue of it’s director Robert Swinton who lives locally.

The Speech
What happens if Scotland and the UK part company? Or a Prime Minister tells the truth, when the cabinet expect her to spin a good yarn?  And the army is fatally weakened and there is war in Europe?  What happens when infrastructure fails, costing lives of thousands of  London’s citizens?

This fantasy of a possible future explores the delicate balance between political management, and facing up to unattractive solutions. Will we listen to, or even believe, the ‘truth’ when we hear it?       Will politicians always put party and personal ambition before the interests of those they serve? A PM wrestles with her conscience in a witty and surprising dialogue with a trusted speech writer. (Running time: 50 minutes.)

The Door
Two men, and a broken door that neither will close. As the door bangs, we hear accusation and excuse, and the story of a dead hero. Who is responsible?The Door explores our justifications for action and inaction, and our refusal to accept responsibility for the consequence of unintended outcomes. This is a pungent comment on recent wars, on the governing classes, and our own passivity in the face of failure. It’s also a fascinating journey of two men, an officer and his NCO,   searching for a common understanding. Who’s going to stop that door from banging?

The cost of the whole evening is £15. / £12.50 concessions, with tickets available at Malvern Tourist Information in person or online via
We then host various weddings, parties, private events until our next public event. One of the actives now hosted at the Cube starting in the period is a new martial arts group starting on Saturday the 3rd of June. Aimed around both self defence and exercise keep a look out around the centre for more information on that. The equipment is look great and some of the team are already look forward to losing a few pounds in a fun way!

Also keep an eye out for a new Cob Oven appearing here at The Cube. You’ll have the chance to booked on the course to learn and help build it, as well as taste the pizzas and breads we both to use it to cook in coming months at events and with our youth work and groups. Again see our website for details.

The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wild adapted by Sea Legs Puppet Theatre is here on the 25th of June in the afternoon for ages 4+ Set in a magnificent steel sculpted garden, the story is told using beautifully crafted puppets, a brilliant musical soundtrack and superb storytelling.

BURTON is presented in the evening, vividly presenting the life of the great Welsh actor in his own words from humble beginnings to Hollywood mega-stardom.

More on both os these nearer the time, or take a peek at now.

Coming Up….
Cube sHuFfLe our annual free family mini festival run in partnership with it’s organisers “CFS Presents” together with The Cube is on the 9th of September.

There will be many more things throughout the year to come, announced so far are, Legend – A Tribute to Bob Marley, Grace Petrie & Hannah James, John Power (Cast), Turin Brakes, The Wurzels, and Mark Watson.

…more on all of these and yet to be announced events in future updates!