Hello to all you Story Listeners/Tellers!

IT’S TRUE! …. Storytelling for Younger People will be returning to the Cube with Stories by the Fire

WHEN? …. September 29th 5:00 p.m. till 6:30 This day is called Michaelmass.. it is the day when people used to celebrate the archangel Michael killing the great dragon.. and lots of other stories about dragons and bold knights.. so come to listen to the adventures, and don’t forget to bring your own stories, too, to share with us all.

BOOKING …. There is no financial contribution, BUT there are new guidelines in place due to the Covid restrictions. It is essential that you book in advance, as soon as possible, for our records, and as numbers may be limited. Each family should stay within its own ‘Bubble’ when listening to the stories, and unfortunately there will not be the delicious hot foods prepared by Kelda, but you are welcome to bring your own pic-nic.

NEXT STEP? …. Please email Julian ASAP at: brownwolfe2@gmail.com , giving The parent/other adult’s name and ‘phone number, with the details of those in your party.