Events and Venue
On Friday the 24th the scrumpy masters themselves, The Wurzels, will take to the stage right here at The Cube with their famous west-country grooves. You can bet they’ll have a brand new combine harvester and will be chasing a blackbird! This original band have had a massive resurgence in the festival scene and are known for a great fun night out. With a drop of cider or two to help, they will be providing the grooves for which you can buy tickets via our website. Malverncube

Community Activity
Group news comes in the form of the new Sewing group here on Friday mornings, 9.30am – 12.30pm, £3 for the morning where you can either bring along your sewing machine or just enjoy some hand sewing. There’s no tutor, it’s more of a co-working space, where hopefully we can all help each other with new projects or ongoing ones.

Look out for our new brochures, giving you a printed view of what’s on at the centre and an update about groups and activities. It is available in the cafe or from the office.

Garden Cafe
We are delighted to share news of changes to our cafe…

As those of you who come to Malvern Cube may be aware, we have now taken the cafe ‘in-house’ and we are now a community cafe.  Prices have come down… and we are now providing a menu of simple, good food at a reasonable price.  Most days we will have a homemade soup with real bread from Peter Cooks (£3.50), a hotpot of some kind for £4.50, cheese toasties, wraps and a selection of cakes and traybake. 

You can now get a cup or mug of tea for £1 and a beautiful coffee with beans roasted by local provider James for only £2.

We currently have four staff members: Sharon, Kaz, Ged and Catherine.  Kaz is also a qualified nutritionist who runs ‘meat-free Mondays’ so she can advise you on your dietary needs too! This week we were joined by Chris, our first volunteer from the Connect service which is based at the rear of the building.   

We would love to build up our pool of volunteers so that we can offer an even better service and create more of a community feel to the cafe.  If anyone would like to do a 3 hour session in the cafe, chopping, cooking, clearing tables etc, in return for friendly company and a free hot drink and meal, please come and see us in the cafe or Jon or Bryn in the office.  In the future we are also hoping to run ‘barista’ training so that everyone can make one of those beautifully decorated lattes…

We are also looking for someone with accountancy, bookkeeping skills or just sound financial acumen to help for an hour or so a week with the cafe accounting.  Again it is a voluntary post but as a volunteer you qualify for a 50 percent reduction on food and drink in the cafe!

We hope to see you soon!