Malvern Cube Community Centre Home Educators

The Home Educators group ‘Cube Club’ runs twice a month and has now been going for over 2 years.

The group consists of children up to 13 and occasionally older.  Cube Club gives the children a chance to try different activities, and to come together and enjoy free play in a group.  Activities include Viking theme day, tie dye, pyrography, den building, bug hunting, bath bombs, kite making and seed planting – and many others!
People home educate for a variety of reasons, including feeling that the school starting age is too young, Special Educational Needs, bullying and just those who believe they can provide a better option to suit their child.

Overall home education aims to meet individual needs, encourage a love of learning and allow children the opportunities to explore the world and discover their vocation in life.

The Cube has great outdoor space and we are very grateful to have this fantastic venue on our doorstep.
For further information please contact:
Malvern Cube: 01684 575363 or or see: