Garden New Path Malvern Cube

Our team of volunteers  headed up by Head Gardener and Volunteer Coordinator – June – are keen to continue experimenting with new vegetable varieties, plants and designs, as well as keeping on top of the day to day maintenance.

We have continued to grow all our vegetables organically and also maintained our planting in line with the Lunar cycle. Something must be working as slugs and pests are kept to a minimum – coffee grounds from Cafe at the Cube play a part in this I’m sure!

We now have 16 raised beds and hope that the Connect Group will be taking two of these – and perhaps develop more. The ‘Edible Flowers’ bed will be used for squashes and edible flowers will be sown among the vegetables.

The practice of companion planting goes back thousands of years and the evidence for the efficacy of this is still strong.

Our organic sees are sourced from Stormy Hall (an offshoot of the Steiner Foundation) and from our local Greenlink shop which carries a wide range of varieties.

Thanks must go to the Cube visitors who make donations toward the cost of the seeds and allow us to be more adventurous.

The new herb bed is beginning to thrive so please now help yourselves to the actively growing herbs (this is the bed adjacent to the new potting shed).

The new pathway now snakes its way across the grass and around the Peace Garden, allowing those visitors who are less mobile to avoid the steep drive, and we plan to place aromatic and sensory plants along its edge. In addition we hope to plant a shrubbery to one side to improve the ‘view’ from the seating area in the Cafe. Donations – either ‘green’ or financial – would be very welcome towards this project.

If anyone has a plant of Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus) they could give us there is a perfect spot awaiting…

Finally, the gardens are for everyone to enjoy, so any ideas to help us improve your experience would be welcome. Just leave a note in the Office or see June on a Tuesday morning.