‘See Me’

Garage Art Group is a Registered Charity and has been running for 28 years based in Evesham with a Group also running from The Cube at Malvern. We use art for the benefit of health, confidence and self esteem.

This project has been  for Twelve students with special needs to show the Community how they want to be seen, using art, video and photography. Four of these students are based at ‘The Cube Malvern’. Each have taken cameras home to photograph other areas of their lives as well as their art group. The project has empowered them to “feel like they matter”.

The workshops have been hugely beneficial for the artists participating, helping them to express their individual creative identity. The project will also raise the profile and awareness of our charity as we continue to widen our work within the local community

We held  a film showing and exhibition at The Cube Malvern with refreshments from The Café for family, friends, carers and the community on Tuesday July 23rd at 1pm.  Also with an exhibition in Evesham.

GARAGE ART GROUP worked in association with REELEYES FILM and were funded by The Community Fund National Lottery.