Wild Chocolate always has us licking our lips and swings the hips when they return to the Cube, as they do on Saturday the 15th of July.

The Wild Chocolate Club say “When we enter into the heart of dance we enter into our own hearts.  Here we can celebrate life and each other.”
Find out more about them and link to tickets for Saturday via www.WildChocolateClub.com

On the following weekend, Saturday the 22nd of July, we host a gathering for all nations and generations celebrating the connection of Malvern with Emperor Haile Selassie I celebrating his 125th “Earthday”. You can find more information and tickets at www.MalvernCube.com

We’re delighted to tell you that over August we are renovating our beautiful wooden floor!

It coincides with work we are planning outside meaning we’ll no longer need to cover the original wooden floor that we know long standing users of the cube remember. More on this over summer.

The new floor will enable us to host all manner of extra events around dance and such like that require a nicer surface than our current coverings allow.

Finally until next time, please remember to save the date of Saturday 9th of September – the day for this years Cube Shuffle.

The Cube Shuffle is a big date in our calendar every year. It’s a chilled Malvernesque Saturday afternoon featuring LIVE music, Carnival Records vinyl DJs along with local ale, cider and food from Cafe@theCube. Plus arty crafty stalls and stuff for the kids! Come along, no need to book tickets….it’s FREE

Lead Organiser Chris Finn says “The Malvern Cube hosts a variety of clubs, groups and events throughout the year, encouraging a community spirit. Some of the events we put on appeal a wider audience,  therefore investing in the local economy when people visit the town. The CUBE sHuFfLe is a celebration of everything we do and a chance to raise awareness of ‘What’s On’ and how to get involved. Please share the date and invite the whole family!”

Please take a look at our website for information and future events: www.MalvernCube.com